The Secret to looking Stunning

Before I was a mom I had time to go get my hair blown every week, go shopping for new shoes depending on the season and upgrade my wardrobe at least once a year. But then I became a mom and completely forgot about myself. Every time I went to a store I would buy outfits for my daughter. I was always looking out for the cutest summer dresses, cutest shoes and even cute socks. My wardrobe after having my daughter consisted of Yoga pants, lose fitting tops and comfortable sandals. I even stopped going to the gym because I was always exhausted and I wanted to spend every free time enjoying my daughter or taking naps. Slowly I started noticing I had no style and felt miserable. So I started going back to the gym to try to get back to my clothes before pregnancy and I discovered Tim Gunn. If you don’t know who he is you got to look him up. He always talks about fashion in simple terms and makes you feel like you can be a supermodel too.

According to Tim Gunn we can all get fashion right no matter our size. He stated that “what every woman and every man needs to be extremely mindful of is that there are three key elements to getting your fashion right; silhouette, proportion and fit.” Read more

As I started going back to the gym and being mindful of my eating habits, I was able to lose some weight but I never got back to the small size before child birth. But that didn’t mean I was going to stay in yoga pants and lose clothes. We as moms can dress comfortable and still look glamorous. It’s about picking a style that will go well with your figure and that will make you feel wonderful and beautiful again. How you feel when you wear your clothes affects how other’s see you. Haven’t you noticed that there are women that can be wearing just a pair of jeans, a black tank top and pretty jeweled sandals and they look awesome? The difference is how they wear it. They don’t have their hair up in a messy pony tail, or pale no make up face. Those women just add a little flair. They wear a little mascara, a little blush, nicely brushed hair or pulled back in a neat bun. You don’t have to spend hours getting dressed to look like a trendy mom that didn’t just jump out of the bed this morning and barely had time to brush her teeth.tumblr_mzsap4iFny1sii9jno1_500

According to Tim Gunn “a woman who throws silhouette to the wayside and disguises her figure with loose, oversized clothing is doing herself injustice.
The more volume your clothes have, the more volume you appear to have.” Be mindful of wearing clothes that is fitting to your real size and follow your silhouette. Tim also suggest that we wear belts. Belts become your best friend to define your body shape. You can wear them on a dress, on a skirt and even a top. You should own them in every style and size, from skinny to wide. I have been able to wear a plain summer dress and give it a little style by adding a black belt that matches my black sparkly sandals. You don’t need to be an expert or a size 2 to look good. I do encourage that you look for ideas in Pinterest and even follow fashion advice from mentors like Tim Gunn. But keep in mind that how you feel about yourself and your body is will show no matter what beautiful and stunning outfit you have on. Work on loving your body and change your life by taking care of it and then when you wear something as simple as jeans and top, you will look stunning because you feel stunning.

Here are some outfit ideas I usually go for on my day to day: