About Me

When I told one of my friends that I was writing a blog she asked me, “What is the purpose of this blog? Why are you even doing that with all the other things you have to do already? Just forget about the blog?”.  I thank her for those words because they gave me the extra push to keep at it.

I write this blog for the mom that struggles between career and family, searching a balance to be the caregiver while still caring for themselves.

The unconditional love that we experience with children is so strong that it’s scary sometimes. We tend to put them first and give them our all before doing the same for ourselves. We forget our own identity and we always put our mom role first before any other. Some may say career comes first, but when that child is sick and nobody else can take your role, you step in and your child is priority.

Why do I write this blog? Why do I care? Because someday my daughter will be a mom too and I want her to see she has options and she can be a mom and a career woman if she so desires. I wish I can lay it all out perfectly for her so she can avoid all the bumps in the road. But I know she will have her own challenges to deal with, but I hope by then I have more knowledge and can be there to guide her.

Here is one of my favorite YouTube videos that describes motherhood perfectly.